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Worrying about Death…..Concerned About Life

Assalamu Alykum..


Those who know the supplication prayed in Salatul Janazah , the prayer funeral, must have noticed these words that the supplication begins with..Allahummagfirli hayyina wa mayyitinaa…..Did you note the first phrase of the supplication? It begins with a prayer for those who are alive !!!!!O Allah forgive those of us who are living and our dead..The title of the  salat ( prayer ) is ? Salatul Janzah, the prayer for the dead. But it begins with ? O Allah forgive those  of us who are living.


 The same salatul Janzah begins with Surah al Fatiha and in the entire surah Fatiha the supplication is for the person who is alive.There is no mentioning  about the dead !!! It is about guidance.. Ever wondered why when praying for dead we are praying for our selves first?

 Every man is reponsible for himself.. Note this Qur’anic verse .. Ya ayyuhal ladhina amanoo, koo anfusakum…O You who believe ! Save yourselves ……Then comes the next command.. and your family….but first? .. Your self…Right?


When we die ,people will not even call us by our name.. rather they will say : when is the mayyat being taken ? They will not  ldentify you by your name.. but? Mayyat.. so Nisaar Nadiadwala when alive , he is called Nisaar bhai or Brother Nisaar but the moment he is dead , the dead Nisaar Nadiadwala is now Mayyat..

 When you leave the world  the people left behind will ask ” what has he left behind ? ” but when you go up,  you will be asked , “What have you brought along ?!!!!”


  Life is only one chance.. but most of our life is passed away chasing careers and  collecting wealth which we leave behind but dont forget that the   accounts of this wealth  is also carried along with us. That is why the Qur’an reminds us : Let every soul look for what he has sent for the morrow….Surah al Hashr ch 59 verse 18


So what have I and you sent ahead for morrow? Slanders ? Back biting ? Insults of people? Check your account before Allah calls you for the  account….If you are really worried about your death then be concerned about your life.. Live it properly.


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